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Finally I did what I was planning to do for a longer while – Renaming both my username and blog name. And damn, now it sounds cool!

Now that’s the official Blog that I’m gonna update, that one will be standing here just as an Archive for Movie Battles 2, Valve Games, Star Wars, DoTa categories, which I removed from Mae ni Susume! Blog.

See you there!

Galactic Empire – State of Mind

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Just have to share that AWESOME parody of CollegeHumour’s State of Mind song. Leia is so epic!


Heroes of Newerth – New DoTa

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HoN – PC game that all of DoTa players heard about and just can’t wait to play the open beta. At the moment there’s closed one and luckily I got my hands on a betakey so I can try it out. One hour of gameplay and options browsing, already made my decision to take a look at this game on my Blog.
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L4D2 – Gameplay bugs, easter eggs, detailed info etc.

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It’s L4D but still couldn’t resist, Heavy weapons guy wins a cookie.

Okay, so I played L4D2 some more and finally I’m able to tell something more about stuff I wasn’t certain about, plus I learned that there are many references and easter eggs included, as expected in Valve’s game. So let’s start with some explanation about special infected.

Spitter – It wasn’t hard to guess that the spit takes more dmg the longer someone stands on it, but actually the thing is – the longer it’s on the ground, the more dmg it takes. You can avoid running in it for 3sec and then suddenly run through it, ta~dah! -20hp. There’s interesting bug that when Smoker pulls survivor above the ground and Spitter spits under the feet, he/she still takes the damage! Appearently damage done is bigger than we can see.
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Xmas in DoTa!… – TAKE COVER!

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Soon there’ll be Christmas, the time we all love for its peaceful and joyful nature, filled with kindness, happiness, love and other shiny stuff… Right?


The truth is, that the time of X-mas for players is actually the time of FFFUUU-xmas, as it’s full of hardcore flaming, torment of playing with every possible noob which was supposed to be at school and instead they’re in your dotaz stealing ur christmaz. So what’s the problem with them? That’s quite obvious:
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And the new Star Wars game is…

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The answer to that TOPIC is… Star Wars the Force Unleashed 2… As feared. Damn, here goes the chance for a good new online Star Wars game, too bad.

Well, hopefully it won’t be on 20 DVDs and about 5hours gameplay.

Damn it. Here’s promo trailer(isn’t too good if you ask me), I’m glad and disappointed at once.

Star Wars – Old trilogy edited scenes

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Vader will be surprised.

Quite lol, even after that long time there are still ideas how to make people laugh about the same movie(or trilogy)…

So here’s ‘Star Wars Longest Crash Ever‘, quite dramatic.

What about ‘Luke Skywalker has OCD‘? (obsessive-compulsive disorder) Flawless edition, the way the characters look in the Luke’s direction and his face at the end, made that vid atleast awesome.

Videos were made by OneMuniteGalactica, he made lots more, but only these two caught my attention.

Next o_O’s PUG

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Yes, we’re gonna play that.

This time I’m posting to inform about it instead of writing results, so getting to the subject – PUG will take place day after tomorrow on Saturday the 12th5PM (GMT+0).

Maps: Destroyer, Tradefed and Deathstar.

Deranged Corsairs invite everyone, to make sure you get a hot spot come to the ‘……….o_O‘ server sooner, after all it’s a nice occasion to play some team-play mb2 even if you’re clanless. (Woohooo!)

Apart from that, tomorrow in the evening on the same server you can play with the old points system that I mentioned in MB2 page – so basically you start off with 4 and with every round you gain more and more points.

There’s also possibility that after one of these events we will play Deranged Arena, so make sure you stay for some hawt lulz battles!

DoTa – Who picks Axe?

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you noobs i are axe you loose… OMG NUB TEAM /rageplug

If you play DoTa you surely ran into Axe pickers many times already, so did I, and I’m wondering where the hell ALL OF THEM find this useless, brainless way of playing that hero.

How do we recognise Axe pickers? Uh… They pick Axe, but the magic lies in what happens later…
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Drunk Ewoks

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Cute, adorable and innocent? Fuck, I can’t even tell how wrong you are.

Drunk Ewoks
Read the title? Totally Wasted Ewoks, also Black Han Solo and Female Darth Vader. Not watching it yet? Wtf.

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